Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well, it's been a little bit since I've updated. What can I say? My life is boring...lol.

We did have a wonderful time on Saturday night. We have a friend who is from Spain. He is part of our soccer family, so to speak. Right now, he has a couple of friends visiting from Spain, and on Saturday they invited a bunch of us over for an authentic Paella dinner. It was amazing to watch them get the fire going and then cook this rice dish over the open fire. Plus...it was delicious! I mean, out of this world good (and it had seafood in it, which I don't eat)!

Luis's house provided the paella and bread while the rest of us brought other items. I did my "famous" fruit and dip plus a mixed green salad. Lori made a chocolate pie and homemade sangria (which was AWESOME...and I don't like wine) and Kathy brought an ice cream cake.
Here are some pictures I got before it got too dark:

Here they are (with some help from Kal) starting the fire:

Here they have started the actual cooking:I got this shot of everyone right before digging into the paella:
And finally...the most amazing paella...EVER!
Okay...off to do some more cleaning. Maybe I'll have some scrapping layouts to share later this afternoon.

Happy Tuesday!

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