Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Okay...so my goal of being a better blogger just didn't turn out :( It just seems like the month flew by for us and before I knew it, it was Christmas. However, I did keep up with my December Daily project and hope to get started on my album in the next day or so.

In other news, Jon and I have both been super sick since Saturday (though I'm not as bad as he is, which is a good thing since someone has to keep the house running). I'm starting to worry that he may have the flu, and just pray that the kids don't get it (trust me...I had a much milder version and it was nasty!)

Indoor soccer has been crazy, too. All three kids are playing and then Zack joined a second team, so we've had games three nights a week and a practice one night. We are in the last week of play and then tournaments start.

I hope to have some scrapping layouts to share in the next day or so. I have been doing some scrapping (mainly Christmas gifts) and will get them loaded soon.

Have a blessed, Tuesday!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I'm trying...I really am! I'm determined to be more regular with my blogging, and I'm thinking that my new December Daily album will help me do just that. I did one of these last year, and loved the outcome, so decided to do another one this year. We've started an accountability thread over at Scrapternity that I know will help keep a lot of us on track.
On another scrapping note, the December Scrapternity crop is coming up next weekend (where does the time go? I feels like we just did the November one!) We will have lots of challenges and games, so hopefully you will stop by and scrap with us for a bit. The crop runs through Sunday, with all challenges due by Monday and I know that Pam has tons of awesome prizes lined up!
Okay...back to work (only a few more hours to go and then I can head home!)
Have a blessed Thursday, all!