Monday, January 16, 2012

I am so happy to report, that I FINALLY finished my December Daily album! It felt so good to get the last page finished, and then turn around and clean everything up. I've decided that trying to work on the album during the month of December is just not good for me. Instead, I will go back to my old way of doing things. Meaning, I will keep track of my days on a Word document and then put the album together in January. It takes a lot less time that way, and I don't feel as overwhelmed. I have to admit, that no matter how frustrated I got with the process, I love the final outcome. 
This year was also difficult, because of Grandpa's passing. In fact, I almost gave up on the album, but decided that since I'm a good-bad-and-ugly kind of scrapper, that I had to go forth with the process. After all, the whole idea (at least for me) is to document the holiday season, and everything with Grandpa was part of the season. 
So, without any turther ado, here is the rest of my December Daily Album. To see the first few pages, just scroll down a little bit. 
Day Ten:

Day Eleven:

Day Twelve:

Day Thirteen:

Day Fourteen:

Day Fifteen:

Day Sixteen:

Day Seventeen:

Day Eighteen:

Day Nineteen:

Day Twenty:

Day Twenty-One:

Day Twenty-Two:

Day Twenty-Three:

Day Twenty-Four (Double):

Day Twenty-Four (Double):

Day Twenty-Five (Double):

Day Twenty-Five (Double):

I may end up adding another page or two, just of random pictures, because I have so many. However, I will decided that at a later date. For now, this is going in my basket, with all the others.
Okay, off to take down the Christmas decorations in my living room. Um, yea....nothing like putting it off and putting it off....:D
Have a great Monday!

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