Monday, November 30, 2009

Okay...I REALLY need to do a better job of blogging! It's now November 30th and I'm just now getting back here (eyes rolling at that one!) In my defense, November has been a super crazy month for me. Indoor soccer started up and this year we have all three kids playing, instead of just Zack. This means that three nights a week we are running into Chillicothe to watch games because of course, the kids are not on the same teams (umm...yea....lucky lucky me)
Aside from soccer, Jon has been working like a crazy man and that leaves me to do a lot of things with/for the kids on my own. Add to that Tay's and Big John's birthday party and the Thanksgiving holiday and I barely have time to breath some days!
On a separate note, I got a brand new fridge this month! I've wanted this baby for three years and was stupid enough to tell Jon "no" the first time around so quickly said "yes" when he asked me if I wanted a new one.

Now, the fun doesn't stop there. NOPE, I also got a new (to me) vehicle! Jon and I were talking about it one day and he just up and found a 2006 Yukon Denali XL in Columbus. He found it on a Friday, we went and looked at it on Saturday and picked it up on Monday! And....I just LOVE this baby! So far my favorite things are the DVD player for the kids and the seat warmers (makes cold early morning leather seats toasty warm!)

Okay...I've rambled enough for now. If I find time after working on lesson plans tonight I will add some newer scrapping layouts.

Have a blessed week, all!

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