Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Happy Wednesday, All!
I can't believe just how fast the days/weeks are flying by me. I just checked the calendar and we only have 15 days left in the school year....*THUD*....

Anyway, not much scrapping for me this past week. We've been running around doing lots of soccer. This week is proving to be just as busy, with soccer, baseball and a choir concert. To top it off...Zack is playing in the State Cup this week/weekend, so not much scrapping for me on National Scrapbook Day :(

Even though I haven't been doing much scrapping, I do want to share a layout that I worked on over the Easter break. My mother-in-law reminded me of this story on Good Friday and I knew I had to create a layout for my oldest, Zack.

Here is the journaling/story, which I typed out and then printed on photo paper and attached to the back of the layout:
Back in the spring/summer of 2001, Grandma Sue was very sick. She spent many, many months in the hospital, and for a while there, the doctors didn’t expect her to live very long. During this time, Zack was only four and Kaleb wasn’t yet a year old, so they didn’t get to see Grandma Sue very often. But, Zack did understand that she was very sick and we spent a lot of time praying for her.
One spring day, after a rainstorm, we were all outside playing. Zack looked up, saw a rainbow and pointed it out to us. We stood there for a while, admiring the rainbow when Zack spoke up. He told us that we needed to send the rainbow to Grandma Sue…so that she would see it and get better. After all, rainbows come from God, and God could make Grandma Sue all better. Jon was so touched by the comment that he had to call Grandpa John and tell him all about it. Grandpa John then passed the story on to Grandma Sue.
Little did we know the impact that the words of a little boy would have on the life of his grandmother. As it happens, Grandma Sue got to see the same rainbow, and there was a picture of that same rainbow that showed up in the newspaper the following day. This picture then went with Grandma Sue to all of her following hospital visits and was a constant reminder of the faith of a little four year old boy.
To this day, rainbows hold such a special meaning for Grandma Sue. Like Noah on the Ark, she sees them as a token of God’s Promise, and they remind her that sometimes we just need to have the faith of a child.

Hope it's a great one!

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