Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Done!!!
I have to renew my teaching license this year, and I FINALLY got my paperwork signed and mailed in to the Ohio Department of Education!!!
Okay, it's been a ton of hassle since Notre Dame College STILL hasn't sent me my transcripts (GRRRRRR!!!) At least, I got the paperwork all signed thanks to an awesome LPDC president! get those stupid transcripts so I can get my $$$ back! If I don't get them this week, I will have to wait a whole year to get any reimbursement (anther huge GRRRRRRR!!!)

On to some scrapping news...I've been thinking about DT's a lot lately. I mean, I REALLY wanted to try for a spot over at {SAS}...and I'm so bummed out that I didn't. However, my head KNOWS that I just won't be able to handle it once school starts and the last thing I want to do is flake out on someone (I've had it happen too many times over at FH2S and it just stinks) heart is saying something else. Right now, I'm on vacation and I can stay up late scrapping and spend my days scrapping. But...that won't be the case once school starts. Then I'll be overwhelmed trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to be doing each day for 100 minutes with each group of 8th graders while driving the kids back and forth to soccer practices and cub/boy scout meetings. So, I know that I made the correct decision...and I can try the next round. Now, if I could just get my heart to understand....

More scrapping news...I'm getting a TON of scrapping done! I just wish that I could be a faster scrapper. I mean really...there's no reason a single layout should take me all day...especially if it's not that complex (rolling eyes here). However, I'm moving through the challenges over at {SAS} and hopefully will earn a few more charms this week (yep...I've become just a tad obsessed with those babies)

Okay, enough rambling for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to share some more layouts...especially ones that I created special for my grandpa right after my grandma died (he took the album and I just got it back to update and organize for him)
Have a blessed evening!

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