Thursday, June 04, 2009

Well, I'm slowly getting my scrapping mojo back. It's still slow (until this whole asthma crud is figured out it's going to be) but I'm finding joy in sitting at my table and working.

Of course, it's been almost a month and now I'm so random with my scrapping. I have Mom's album to work on (I just love working with these heritage pictures) plus newer pictures of our day-to-day life. Right now I have three layouts in progress...and I need to slow down and make myself finish them all before moving on to something else.

Here is one of my current favs. See, I've finally decided that I need to change (my thinking, my lifestyle, myself) in order to make myself happy. So, this summer is my summer of change. I created this layout to document my committment to this change.

The journaling tucks behind the picture and reads:

Today is June 1, 2009. Today…I am starting a new chapter in my life. Things have not been great in my life for the past couple of years. I’ve been so unhappy with my weight gain and lack of self control. I’ve also felt totally inadequate as a teacher, mother, wife and housekeeper.
Today, that is all going to change. I’m ready…ready to make changes in my life and my attitude. I’m starting my diet today, and will be adding Alli to that plan on Thursday. I am going to add more exercise to my daily routine. I am going to go through this house, room-by-room, and purge and organize. I will make time with each of the kids…one-on-one…just so they know how precious they are to me. I will focus on my classroom and look for new ways to reach and teach my students.
So this summer is my summer of change. I’m going to change my life and my whole way of thinking. I’m going to get healthy (I WILL beat this asthma and I WILL lose weight). I will get this house organized, purged and cleaned. I’m going to show my husband and children just how special they are to me.
The summer of 2009 is the summer that I am dedicating to change…my change.

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Pam said...

Linda, I know it's bee tough for you. You can do this and I will be here with you every step of the way!