Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Good afternoon, All!
I just wanted to stop in and share some pictures with everyone. Several weeks ago, a friend brought this darling little puppy to a soccer game. I fell in love with him on sight, but Jon was having NOTHING to do with him. Well, I kept on him and kept on him and finally wore him down. I told him that this little guy could be my anniversary, Christmas and birthday present, all in one :D

So, here is the newest member of our household, Toby! He is a Yorkie, but was the runt of the litter. Currently, he is just one pound four ounces, and won't grow to be much bigger.

This next picture is of Toby in Zack's soccer bag. He jumped in there all by himself. I have a feeling that he's used to these bags ;)

And this last picture is of him sitting on Zack's back. For some reason, he likes to crawl up there and rest. Of course, Zack doesn't really mind, either.

Can you tell that I'm going to have lots of puppy pictures to scrap?
Have a great Wednesday :D

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