Friday, December 23, 2011

December Daily

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve!
It's been a busy one, today. I got up and headed out to do my last minute shopping. I ran by Home Depot to pick up stuff for a DIY marshmallow shooter for Kaleb, then Game Stop to pick up Jon's and Zack's last gifts, and finally to Walmart for groceries and some stocking stuffers. 
Once back home, I put everything away, finished up page 9 in my December Daily album and then started working on cookies and goodies with the kids. I made cookies, Taylor made cookies and Kal worked on the Buckeyes (which I wasn't going to make, but made special for him). 
After all that baking, I decided to get started on Christmas dinner, working to get some of the prep work out of the way, since we will be gone for a while tomorrow. 
Now I am relaxing, thinking of working on my December Daily some more. Usually, I don't even start my DD until after December, but this year I decided to try and work on it during the month, and even though I'm behind, I'm still loving the process. 
And, speaking of my December Daily, I wanted to share those pages that I've already finished. I've been using mostly Echo Park's Season's Greetings and Authentique's Wonder lines

Here is the cover. It has a window cut out in the center, and you can see the picture that is on the next page. 

 The cover opens up to show the Introduction Page.

December First:

December Second:

December Third:

December Fourth:

December Fifth:

December Sixth:

December Seventh:

December Eighth:

December Ninth:

I am starting on December Tenth, but it's going to be hard because it's about my very last visit with my grandpa. I almost stopped my album after everything that happened with Grandpa, but since I'm a good, bad and ugly type of scrapper, decided to continue with the album. After all, this project is all about what happens in our lives during the month of December, and Grandpa's passing is one of those happenings. 
Okay, off to see if I can make any headway with the next couple of pages. I have a feeling I may not be doing too much scrapping the next couple of days!

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