Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Friday!
Wow, I can't believe that it's already July 15th...and I head back to work on August 15th. Guess I need to really enjoy the summer days that I have left!

It's been a busy week in the Harper household. Kal's baseball season final came to a close with tournament play. Kal's team was in fourth place (out of five) and had a game scheduled for 5pm on Monday. It got rained out, so we were back on Tuesday for a 6:15 game. The game before his went int 13 innings and Kal's team didn't take the field until almost 8pm. Because of that, they only played an hour and then had to go back Wednesday. They ended up winning the first game on Wednesday and turned right around and played the first place team...kind of a double header. Well, they beat the first place team! This put them in the Championship game, which was played last night....and they won! I was so proud of my little player.

During this excitement, Zack was away at his first every resident soccer camp, up at Ohio Wesleyan College, in Delaware, Ohio. Since I had to pick him up yesterday, I missed Kal's game, but did get pictures of him receiving several awards.

All of the players were placed on World Cup teams and they played each other all week long. Zack's team came out on top. Here is a picture of him and his team picking out their hats.

Next, he was picked by one on his coaches to receive a Coaches' Award because he was such a strong defender and never complained when asked to be a defender...even though his first love is being a striker. He received a pair of shin guards for this award, but since they were size small....and he wears a size XLarge, we traded them in at the end for a bag.

Finally, Zack was also picked as the Camper of the Day for his attitude and play on Thursday. I didn't see him receive this award, but he did get a great pair of sweet spots.

I also got a couple of other pictures. This first one is of Zack with four of his team mates from the Pride. They all attended camp together. Unfortunately, two of the boys won't be playing with the team in the Spring of 2012, so this was a last time all together.

Nicholas K., David H., Nick S., Kevin H. and Zack

And finally, before heading the hour and thirty minutes south and home, I took a picture of Zack with his loot. Gotta love the idea of him putting any kind of hat on that hair....hehehe

And, even though it's been crazy, I have managed to do some scrapping this week. In fact, I have several challenges and a few Project 12 layouts to share, but will load them later today.

So, for now, have a WONDERFUL Friday!

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