Thursday, December 09, 2010

I WON!!!
Happy Thursday, All! I just had to let everyone know that I actually won the November XOXO Scraplift challenge! I was so shocked when I found out yesterday; it really made my Wednesday so much better. I love the prize, but most of all I love the layout that I created. Thanks to all that voted for me...I'm so glad you liked what I created.
I did get a better picture of the layout, along with a close up, so decided to share it (since the first picture was kind of dark...thank you, rain!):

On another note, I FINALLY broke down and tried misting on a layout (yea...nothing like being one of the last to the party....). I love the NewSong song, "Light Your World" and wanted to use it on a layout. I got all the lyrics written...and then NOTHING would come together on the layout. I worked on that baby for three days, and finally Tuesday night out of total frustration I just pulled out a mask and some mist and just went to town. Can I just say that I now LOVE misting?!?
Here is the layout I created, inspired by an awesome {SAS}sy SSU class hosted by Nadine over at SAS:
Can I just say that the colors are REALLY's really cream, brown and black, but for some reason the sunlight was not working with me yesterday.
Okay, it's after 10pm and 6am will be here way too soon tomorrow...but at least it's Friday!
Have a great night, all!

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Tara O said...

It's a gorgeous LO, well done!

And you aren't the last to try misting....I owned mists for a year or two...didn't try them. Then we lost everything in the warehouse I just bought some more. I don't think I've tried them yet...or maybe I did. HMMM. I'd have to look at what I've scrapped...ahem, recently. HMMMM.

OH! And our blog templates are the same. Great minds....LOL!